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If you cannot make it to the Annual Members Meeting of the Crystal Knoll Terrace Homeowner’s Association, you have another option. The HOA Board has set up a secure online voting system with the complete ballot that allows you to cast your vote on the issues being presented. You may not vote twice – if you are submitting a hardcopy absentee ballot, please do not vote online, and vice versa. Only one vote will be allowed per lot. If you vote online and decide to attend the meeting after the fact, your vote at the meeting will take priority you’re your previously submitted online or absentee ballot, should you change your mind and vote differently.

Online voting is available until 12pm on the day of the election.

To access online voting, go to and click on the Annual Members Meeting.

To vote, you will need to enter your Voter ID and Voter Key, which can be determined as follows:

Voter ID – Use the first and last name of the person on your title as it is registered with the HOA, capitalized, no spaces. If there are two names on the title, it will likely be the first one.

Voter Key – Use the first four letters of the last name in the Voter ID, capitalizing the first letter, and the unit number of your property, no spaces.

Example: If you lived at 503 Crystal Knoll Blvd and your title was under John and Jane McSmith your Voter ID would be JohnMcsmith and your Voter Key would be Mcsm503

If your property is under the name of a corporation or trust, such as Westeros Capital Properties your Voter ID would be WesterosProperties and your Voter Key would be Prop503 (using the above address as an example)

If you own multiple properties in the Association, you will need to log in to vote for each property separately. You will need to add your unit number to the end of your Voter ID to access your properties. Using the example above, JohnMcsmith503 would be one of your Voter IDs if you own more than one property. The election administrators are able to view the IP addresses of ballots cast, so if you have a security concern or think someone else cast your ballot for you, please email the address below.


If you need assistance logging in, please contact Kara Barnett at